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Charles Berner passed on at 3:12 am on Sunday, 24 June 2007, at his home in Merimbula, NSW, Australia, surrounded by his close devotees.

Biljana Percinkova's Tribute to Charles Berner

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Dear Yogeshwar,

Just the same as Narada said to his beloved Gurudev,
I say unto Thee:

Wise Teacher
You answered and inspired me!

The Universe is too magnificent to be just analyzed
and too brilliant to be just adored.

The bird cannot fly with just one wing.
Who incarnated this better than you?

You LI The Knower and
You LA The Known.

LILA : LI and LA the knower and the known
Interwoven together into Oneness and Eternal Love.

You have shown to us that quiet corner where the Eternal fight between the two Giants:Science and Spirituality stops.

Great is Your contribution to Humanity.
God is One and Many.

Your LILA encompasses the entire Universe
as a transparent shimmering of the Divine,
of Primordial Purity.

Your precise scientific definitions molded into Perfection

Your ingenious charts of the basic attributes of Time, Space, Motion and Consciousness

Your diagrams of the very first nanoseconds after the Big Bang so originally derived

The subatomic particles dancing the Eternal Dance of Shiva The Dancer

Your Path to Perfection carved step by step with Mathematical Precision

Your LILA !!

What a magnificent Monument!
Your Paradigm will live Forever
Paradoxically finding its way out of the Illusion of Time.

I will never forget my 102 hours with You and do whatever is in my power to make the Science of Lila known to the scientific world. I feel privileged having the opportunity to receive such a Superb Knowledge directly from You and the beautiful people around you.

May You rest in Peace,

Biljana Percinkova


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